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Kenyan born producers; Amber Larre and Dan Prior started QBF in Nairobi in 2004. The company started off small and has since become East Africa’s fastest growing production company.

In terms of long form production, one of the most pivotal points for QBF was in producing the feature-length documentary film ‘The Longest River’ for The National Geographic Channel in 2005. The film is about the first full descent of the world’s longest river, The White Nile, which runs through Uganda, Sudan and Egypt. During this expedition Dan became one of the first men in history to navigate the full length of river.

Watch a clip of 'The Longest River' here.

In terms of commercial work, our first project was in 2006 for Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile network. For a real blast from the past, please

see this film here.

More recently, QBF has become renowned for producing some of the biggest budget and most technically challenging TVC’s in the region.

Today, thanks to our extensive in-house and freelance Kenyan crew, equipment and studios, we are able to produce films of the highest international standards right here in Kenya, saving on the often high costs of international crews and post-production facilities and also allowing more face-to-face involvement of the client throughout pre-production, production and post-production.

Please have a look at us at work: